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Who is Maximilian Groebe

Von einem vielversprechenden NBA-Prospect zum zielstrebigen Master-Absolventen. Max Groebe ist ein Ex-Baller der vor nicht allzu langer Zeit noch als wertvoller NBA-Nachwuchs galt. Mittlerweile verdient er sein Geld jedoch mit seinem Köpfchen und das läuft ziemlich gut. Mit Abschlüssen in mehreren Bereichen, hat er seine Zeit nach dem Basketball sehr gut genutzt! Für dieses Interview haben wir uns allerdings mit seiner Basketballkarriere befasst.

1. Hey there, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Do you want to introduce yourself before we do?

Max Groebe, former Division 1 basketball player from UMASS and Cornell University. Also played for the German youth national teams (U18)

2. We all have our own story on how we fell in love with the game of Basketball. What's yours? Is there a particular moment that you can recall?

Watching Michael Jordan win his 6th title with the “shot” over Byron Russel. Then playing at the parks in Miami and slowly realizing I was not that bad :)

3. What do you think is the reason why basketball is so popular throughout the world? Why do people keep coming back to the sport, no matter if athlete or fan?

Always entertaining and never a dull moment. Games can go down to the millisecond and the players are the best athletes in the world. Its incredibly competitive and exciting

4. What'd be your All-Time starting 5 of all the people you had the chance to play with over the course of your career?

PG: Derrick Rose, SG: Eric Gordan SF: Blake Griffin PF: Dwayne Collins C: Greg Oden

5. Do you have a role model? You can pick people that don't have anything to do with the sport aswell of course!

Probably Michael Jordan and Kobe

6. As a Baller I'm sure you were on the receiving end of some really dumb questions from reporters and / or journalists. What's the one question you're tired of hearing?

Always the same questions, never a curve ball question J i.e How do you feel after winning the game?

7. Tell us a little bit about your workout routine: What do you HAVE to do in every workout session?

300 made 3 pointers. Have to have it

8. Let's get to the current (or last) playing season. How do you think it went / it's going? Your own performance and the performance of your team.

Too long ago to remember J but it was not as successful as prior year due to injuries

9. Where do you see your own strenghts and weaknesses? And how would you describe your game?

3 point specialist as strength

1:1 defence as weakness

10. Which coaching style suits you the most? The understanding coach with an open ear or the disciplined one with a belt in his hands?

Open ear who encourages you to be the best version of yourself

11. Let's stick to Coaches: Which of your previous coaches had the biggest influence on you and your career and why?

Marcus “Shakey” Rodriguez because he enabled me to be the best version of myself as a basketball player

12. What are your 2-3 Go-To Sources when it comes to staying up to date, staying motivated and working on your game?

Draftexpress.com, Youtube and NBA TV

13. How do you like to spend your Offseason? And how do you prepare for the upcoming season?

Working on my strengths and trying to fix my weakenesses

14. Nostalgia-Time: Do you remember your first game in front of a big audience? What was going through your head at that time?

I was nervous but because I did not have my contacts all I could focus on was the game ^^

15. I know for a fact, that every player develops some kind of a tick or a ritual before going out on the court. Which one is yours? What do you do on game day?

Individual workout before every game to get a feel for the court and surroundings, even for home games

16. If you had the chance to transfer your Basketball Skill-Level onto another sport of your choice, which one would you pick and why?

Golf, because I can play that until I am 70+ years old

17. How do you deal with getting benched? And what was the hardest chapter during the course of your career?

Work on my game to improve and not get benched next time. Being benched during my freshman year at UMASS

18. What are your 5 biggest passions? Please prioritize them.

1. Family

2. Relationships/Friends

3. Work

4. Fitness

5. Travelling

19. What effect does your nomber one passion have on your everyday life?

Makes me stay in contact with my family more often

20. To end the interview: We all have skeletons in the closet. What sports equipment don't you use anymore and could think of providing for the Gymshare Community?

Ab roller to tighten the abs!

Alright, that's it! Thank you very much for taking the time for this Interview!

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